Strategic Agility

Is Your Business Strategically Agile?

Business owners today are in the fight of their lives as they are faced with challenging economic times, increased competition, and the constant change in the business environment. The digital world and the 4th Industrial Revolution can no longer be ignored by business owners in South Africa and the world as it will impact their


Load Shedding – Take your Business Out Of The Dark

The 4 Stages to Future-Proofing Your Business Against the Impact of Load Shedding Business owners have more than enough challenges when it comes to ensuring the long-term sustainability of their business but now, there is the reality of load shedding to which there seems to be no end in sight as the embattled energy provider

Future proof your business for 2020

Future Proof Your Business For 2020 & Beyond!

The Next Decade Is Upon Us – Is Your Business Ready? Preparing For The Impact The Digital World & 4th Industrial Revolution Will Have On Small Business In South Africa The advancement of technology and the Internet continues to expand local, national, and global reach for business owners in ways that only a few years

The digital business world

The Digital Business World – Opportunity & Threat

The combination of technology, the Internet, and the 4th Industrial Revolution, offer both an opportunity and a threat to small business owners. Small business owners have an opportunity to grow their business by taking advantage of the digital world but, at the same time, there is the threat of their competitors adapting to this change