5 Step Proven Profit Formula

Profit Formula

How would you like a simple, proven and tested way you can double your profits with little time, effort or expense on your part? In fact, what if I could give you a formula that will create massive exponential growth for your business… starting immediately?

If you ask any small business owner what they need most in their business, you get the same two answers every time… more clients and more revenue.

But here’s the problem. That ISN’T what most business owners want. Oh sure, they want more clients, but what does it take to produce more clients? First, you MUST generate leads… and then you MUST convert those leads into clients.

By breaking down the end result of wanting more clients into the vital components required to generate them, namely leads and conversion, you can now put together a specific strategy and plan of action to attain that end result.

As for revenue, what does it take to produce more revenue? First, once you generate leads and convert those leads into clients, those clients will be paying you a specific value for what you sell. So, sales value is the first component in the revenue equation. But it doesn’t stop there.

You have expenses to pay and those expenses come directly out of that revenue you just generated, so the next revenue component to consider is your margin. How MUCH of that revenue do you get to put into your pocket? But you’re still not done. If your client only buys from you one time, you’re right back where you started. Now you need to generate a new batch of leads and convert them into clients.

What if instead you could compel your clients to increase the number of transactions they complete with you year after year? NOW you have something to build upon.

Here’s the bottom line.

There are five critical steps that every small business owner MUST address to attract new clients and generate more revenue… leads, conversions, average sale value, number of transactions and profit margins. So, let’s back up those steps with some specific numbers to illustrate exactly how this works.

For you to double your profits and create exponential growth, you must start with a baseline. That means you must know your current numbers in each of these critical areas. So, you first need to work out exactly where your numbers are right now. Once you have them, you can work out what you need to do to double those profits and make sure that you spend your time doing what you should be doing.

With the help of our world-class E-Learning System, we’re going to provide you with a multitude of ways to do that. We’ll help you increase leads, conversions, your number of transactions, your average sale value and your overall profit margin.

Suppose we provide you with 19 separate and distinct strategies to dramatically increase your leads. These strategies are field-tested and proven to work. Each strategy walks you step-by-step through its implementation and execution so all that’s required of you is the application of the information.

What if we could show you how to double that number of leads using a networking strategy… or how to implement a no-cost yet highly effective referral program strategy… or how to set up lucrative strategic endorsement partnerships where other business owners sell your product or service on your behalf… or perhaps you would like to use a presentation strategy where you host an online presentation highlighting what you do using a webinar or teleseminar.

These strategies are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to helping you generate all the leads your business can handle. But whichever one or more of these strategies you elect to use for your business… do you think you could conservatively generate at least 10% more leads by using them?

What if we could give you a pricing strategy that’s so powerful it would completely remove price from your prospects buying decision? And what if we could teach you how to write powerful marketing and advertising copy… along with persuasive sales scripts… and have you write all of them better than 95% of all copywriters alive today?

What if your copy was so compelling and persuasive that it would position your business as the ONLY logical choice for your prospects to buy from? Suppose we could give you a strategy that would teach you how to add so much value to what you sell that you could charge double the price that your competition charges and your prospects wouldn’t think twice about paying you that amount?

This is the power you can tap into by following the Business Coaching Hub’s E-Learning System. This not only can double or triple your profits, but it can also create exponential growth for your business… starting today. When you use all of our tools, resources and templates… along with the powerful audio and video training we make available to you… you will immediately begin to see results just like this.

So now you’re probably thinking to yourself that all of this just sounds too good to be true. So why don’t I prove it to you… and I’ll do it for FREE.

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