Are You Looking For The Silver Bullet?

While you are out looking for the silver bullet that promises to solve all your business growth challenges, your competitors have invested in lead tipped bullets and they are hitting the target.

They also get more lead tipped bullets for the price of one silver bullet, so they have more hits.

Ok, so I think you get the picture of the bullet analogy so let’s talk business.

There is no shortage of offers promising to turn your business around by using one strategy such as LinkedIn, or Facebook, or having a fancy website, or a great looking logo and we all know the costs involved run into the 1000’s.

At the Business Coaching Hub, we are not fans of putting all our eggs in one basket with just one strategy. We also don’t coach our clients into applying too many strategies as it becomes challenging to measure what is working and if we can’t measure what we implement, then we don’t implement.

We have found that implementing two or maybe three strategies that are right for your business will start to show results within 30-90 days. The best part is that the strategies we teach do NOT require a marketing or advertising budget.

That is not the only way we save our clients money. We have also obtained a comprehensive skill set that allows us to empower our clients with more than just business growth strategies. We have saved clients up to R15,000.00 on LinkedIn training as we have a proven and tested lead generating process that we include in our business turnaround coaching.

We have saved clients up to R12,000.00 in website design and editing by empowering them with the skills to administer and even design their own WordPress websites. This too is included in our services.

Our clients can create their own graphics and even logos as we provide them with resources where this is easy to do at no cost.

Our interest is not in becoming consultants for years but rather to empower our clients to work on their business by transferring our skills to them, so they have full control of where their business is going and…have the tools to get it there at little to no cost.

We do all of this at a fraction of the costs mentioned earlier in this article. Why? We live by our vision statement which is “Your Success Is Our Focus!”

Our goal is to use as much of what the client already has to grow their business without the need for any further expenses. Once we have increased revenues, then we can look at what can be added to grow their business further and faster.

Our skills transfer process ensures our clients are able to grow their business on their own without further need of our services. All our clients have the access to our support and feedback at any time as we provide support to our clients through email, WhatsApp, and calls during working hours whether they are in a contract or the contract is complete.

We prefer to build long-term relationships instead of short-term financial gain.

If you believe we could be a fit for your business needs, then send Carlos Batista an email to and he will be happy to offer you a Free, No Strings Attached, 45-Minute Business Breakthrough Call. During the call, he will get to know you and your business better and provide his insight into the growth opportunities that exist in your business.

Take advantage of this complimentary service, you have nothing to lose.“Your Success Is Our Focus!”

Carlos Batista
Carlos Batista
Business Transformation Specialist

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