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LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that is not used enough by marketers, but you don’t want to miss out, because the advantage of LinkedIn marketing is the hyper-focused audience you’ll find there.

One of the best posts to create is an update on your company page. To create a company update, you need to create a company page first. If you don’t have a company page for your business on LinkedIn yet, you need to create one before we continue.

Composing A LinkedIn Marketing Post

Composing LinkedIn marketing posts is easy because they should always be focused on professional problem-solving. You see, the LinkedIn user base is very narrow because it is made entirely of professionals, job seekers, and business managers.

This means that your LinkedIn marketing strategy must be focused on sharing content that is intended to solve a problem or a series of problems in your target industry.

Because of this, you must limit your content marketing strategy to sharing relevant articles and curated links or videos. You can’t simply promote your website, and you should not share business-to-customer promotional links. You can only promote business-to-business products or services to “B2B” leads that are already engaged with your content updates.

Alright, so let’s start by opening the post with a fact or a question. To open with a fact or a question, you simply must extract a relevant piece of information from the article or video that you are going to share, and to summarize it as a fact or a question in your post.

Another strategy that works is, if you are sharing a numbered article or video, to number each entry in the article or list so you can invite users to learn more by clicking on your link.

You can also apply both strategies by opening with a fact or question, and then you can expand the post by adding the numbered entries.

Let’s compose a post where we apply both strategies. First, we’re going to type a fact from the article that we are going to share on our post.

Now we are going to expand this fact by adding the numbered entries in the article. Remember to use actionable words to connect the fact with the numbered list in the post.

Now add a call to action to encourage users to visit your link and access the content piece. Now follow the call to action with your link. Here we also recommend you insert a shortened URL.

LinkedIn will generate a link preview of your post that users can click through. If you want to replace the link preview with a branded image or video, you’ll just have to click on the “x” icon to eliminate the link preview, and then to click on the “share images” button to upload an image or on the “share videos” button to upload a video.

In our case, we’ll use the link preview for our LinkedIn marketing post. Now, the last step is to add hashtags to your marketing post. The best way to add hashtags to a LinkedIn marketing post is by identifying relevant keywords and search terms in your post copy and adding a “#” symbol at the start of each. The maximum number of hashtags that you should add to a LinkedIn marketing post is five hashtags.

You can click on the “post” button when you are finished composing your new marketing post. And that is it!

On average, LinkedIn users need to consume at least 10 pieces of content before making a business or purchasing decision, so focus on publishing unique and relevant posts every day to build authority and to generate leads.

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