How To Grow Your Business For Less Than R17 A Day

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Your immediate response is… “This Is Too Good To Be True!”

This is a response, I have used many times myself so, I understand why you would think this way BUT… In this case, it does not apply as… This is already live and being used by Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners.

Now that I have dealt with the skepticism, allow me the opportunity to provide you with the facts of this revolutionary platform so that you can make an informed decision.

The Business Coaching Hub (Pty) Ltd has carried out research over the last 12 months through online resources, business networking meetings, and one-to-one consultations with SMME’s in South Africa and the outcome was that there is a desperate need for entrepreneurs and small business owners to have access to business-building tools such as training, resources, and support that will empower them to build and grow a long-term sustainable business.

The research also showed that there are numerous business networks and other support services available for this purpose BUT… the barrier to entry in a lot of cases is the cost of joining and remaining a member of such networks.

In May 2019, the Business Coaching Hub launched a pilot program called the Business Growth Network and in the first 5 months, it grew to just over 450 members from around the country. The biggest and fastest-growing networks were Sandton, Randburg, Boksburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town.

This was a clear indication that the training, tips, tools, resources, and support is exactly what was required. Consultations with just over 20% of the network clearly showed that the biggest challenge SMME’s have is lead generation. Lead generation is not just a matter of getting new prospects to your business. You need to ensure the message used to attract prospects uses the conversion equation of interrupt, engage, educate, and offer.

You then need to ensure the process used of take prospects through the buyer’s journey has been designed using business fundamentals that will have prospects converting to leads and then ultimately to paying customers.

While the pilot program was successful in reaching those that needed the support, there was a need for additional training, tools, and support which led to a revamp of the Business Growth Network in October 2019 allowing for an increase in training, resources, networking opportunities, marketing opportunities, and support from like-minded business owners as well as a business transformation specialist.

The Business Growth Network now uses a combination of a Facebook Private Members Only Group, the website, and LinkedIn to deliver business building tools that any business owner can implement in any business and start seeing results within 30-90 days.

One of the differentiating factors between the Business Growth Network and other similar networks out there is that the business growth strategies taught are easy to implement and do not require any spending on marketing or advertising.

The main focus is on 6 areas of business that have the potential to increase revenues and profits being:

  1. Business Fundamentals.
  2. Business Leads.
  3. Business Networking.
  4. Business Sales.
  5. Business Transactions.
  6. Business Advanced.

All members receive the following benefits:

Membership is now affordable by more start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners than every before. This is achieved by making use of technology and the Internet.

Making use of the technology available online, we are able to reduce our overheads for managing the platform and the cost-savings are passed on to members through reduced membership investment when compared to other similar networks.

We have further reduced the barrier to entry by not choosing to insist on long-term contracts. To ensure accountability for delivering value to members, we allow members to cancel at any time without the need to provide a reason for leaving.

If the Business Growth Network does not provide members with value, then we don’t deserve their investment in the network.

Now more than ever, South Africa is looking to the SMME sector to fuel the local economy and help reduce the rising unemployment AND…The Business Growth Network is here to travel this journey with you. Visit to find out if this is a fit for you, your business, and your business growth plans.

Carlos Batista
BGN Founder

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