Innovators ONLY!

Congratulations on being one of the few innovative business owners willing to step out of the norm and start developing a business growth plan that will empower you to out-perform, out-market, and out-sell your competition.

The business world has become more competitive than ever before and with the 4th Industrial Revolution at our doorstep, if we do not adapt to the change, then our competitors will, and we will watch as they succeed at something, we knew we could do with ease BUT failed to take action at the time. The SMME sector in South Africa holds the potential to fuel the local economy and start making a dent in the unemployment rate but, it is going to take courageous business owners willing to open up to the possibility that what they have been doing up until now, is simply not good enough to scale up to the next level.

Hang on…before you call an emergency meeting, let me assure you that what is required can be achieved and is easy to implement. The trick is in learning and implementing which, business owners seem to have a challenge with as they have made it this far so surely they can keep doing the same thing.

That is correct, you have made it this far BUT getting to the next level requires new thinking, new insights, and believe it or not… Going Back To Basics!

I have consulted with many start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners over the last 12 months. From someone who had an idea for a business to someone who has been in business for 34 years and…on conducting a gap assessment with them, we identified numerous opportunities for growth which would and did double their leads, revenues, and profits.

The Gap Assessment Questionnaire covers 6 areas in a business that have the potential to dramatically increase revenues with easy to implement strategies that require no spending in marketing or advertising. This exercise that takes no more than 30-minutes provides a crystal-clear picture of the areas in your business the hold the most growth potential.

Try it for yourself and you will be surprised at how much growth potential you have overlooked. You can download the Gap Assessment Questionnaire Here (no email required – immediate download). Now download the Gap Assessment Instructions Here (no email required – immediate download). Follow the simple instructions and in no time, you will know EXACTLY what you need to do to take your business to the Next Level!

If you have difficulty with any part of the questionnaire or understanding the results, feel free to contact me on and I will be more than happy to provide you with my feedback and guidance.“Your Success Is Our Focus!”

Carlos Batista
Carlos Batista
Business Turnaround Specialist

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