Is E-Learning Effective For Business Growth?

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Is E-Learning Effective For Business Growth?

Here are the key benefits in which e-learning has transformed the landscape of learning and development. When compared to the traditional mode of classroom learning, there is clear evidence that e-learning brings the following benefits:

It’s what learners want – really

When given a choice, learners want mobile, relevant, personalised and self-paced content at a point of need. What they get, is often a little different – with too much emphasis on face-to-face and long courses.

The digital revolution and smartphone boom has triggered huge changes in how we access, consume, discuss, and share content. Naturally, learning is following suit. Whilst many want learning at a point of need, many learn in evenings and at weekends and on the way to or from work.

A key advantage to getting your learning online and multi-device is that it ensures you are in sync with modern learners – delivering the type of content they want when they want it.

Faster delivery

At a time when change is faster than ever, a key advantage of e-learning is that it has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction. In fact, research indicates that e-learning reduces learning time by at least 25 to 60 percent when compared to traditional learning.

E-learning cuts down on the training time required because:

  • It does not take as long to start and wrap up a learning session, learners set their own pace, rather than the pace of the group
  • no travel time is needed to get to and from training events
  • learners can focus on elements of a programme they need to learn and can skip what they already know

Lower costs

Because of the speed and ease in which e-learning is delivered, the costs of learning and development for an organisation are drastically reduced.

There are the immediate cost-effective gains of e-learning in terms of reducing training time as well as cost-effective savings in terms of trainers, course materials, travel and accommodation. However, it is equally important to highlight that e-learning, when done right, can also improve an organisation’s profitability.

More effective e-learning

E-learning courses can have a positive and direct impact on an organisation’s profitability by making it easy to learn and digest information.

Studies on e-learning and evidence have made it increasingly clear that e-learning has the following positive benefits for learners:

  • better attitude toward the e-learning format and training in general improved scores on tests, certifications or other evaluations
  • increase in number of learners who achieve ‘mastery’ level and / or ‘pass’ exams
  • greater ability to apply the new knowledge or processes on the job
  • better long-term retention of information

Lower environmental impact

By providing an alternative to the paper-based learning and testing of traditional classrooms, e-learning is an effective way for organisations to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

The benefits are clear and further to the above, e-learning is fast becoming the most popular method for businesses to obtain the additional skills they require to grow their revenue and profitability.

It is the quickest most cost-effective way to improve on your current skill sets as well as stay up to date with the latest strategies working for business today.

How Do You Choose An E-Learning Program?

The challenge is in sifting through the vast information available to obtain exactly what you are looking for.

We have found that the best e-learning programs that have been tailor made for small business, not only provide all the information business owners need but, empower learners to easily implement what they have learned in a short time to start reaping the rewards.

The format in which the learning material is provided plays a big role in ensuring the learner easily understands what is being taught by providing tutorial videos, workbooks, and any additional material required for that specific module.

We set out on a mission a couple of years ago to discover the most comprehensive, up-to-date and effective business growth e-learning platform and our research paid off. We discovered the Most Powerful and Dynamic Client Attraction Program Ever Created.

The curriculum is comprehensive, professional, up-to-date, proven, tested, and more importantly, the most cost-effective solution available.

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When e-learning helps organizations achieve the desired business results such as increasing the ramp rate of product revenue, reducing turnover and rework, increasing customer satisfaction and more, it can be termed effective.


In our view, there is no other e-learning program like the one featured in this article to guide you step-by-step on taking your business to the next level by out-thinking, out marketing, and out-selling your competition.

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