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We are entering the final stretch of 2019 and the growth strategies you have put in place to date should be at their peak delivering results. If those results are not what you projected, then I doubt any changes now will have the impact you need.

Now is the time to start planning for 2020 so you enter the new year with clear growth strategies that you have already started implementing so that growth begins in the first quarter of 2020 and not the second quarter. Now is the time to evaluate your business, identify the growth opportunities, then implement strategies to realize that potential. The Gap Assessment Questionnaire by the Business Coaching Hub covers 6 areas of your business that have the potential to dramatically increase revenues and profits.

This exercise takes no more than 30-minutes to complete and will provide you with clarity on the areas of your business that have the most potential for growth. These areas can be impacted by applying easy to implement strategies that require no spending on marketing or advertising.

Try it for yourself and you will be surprised at how much growth potential you have overlooked. You can download the Gap Assessment Questionnaire Here (no email required – immediate download). Then download the Gap Assessment Instructions Here (no email required – immediate download). Follow the simple instructions and in no time, you will know EXACTLY what you need to do to take your business to the Next Level! Now that you have identified the gap between where you are and where you want to be, it is now time to determine if there is a gap in your knowledge to effectively implement business growth strategies in the areas of leads, conversions, transactions, prices, and profits which will empower you to build a million Rand business.

These areas do not require any spending in marketing or advertising to have an impact on your revenues and profits. They are easy to implement by anyone and can start delivering results within 30-90 days. Starting now will mean you start seeing results from January 2020 onwards.

There is also no need to implement everything in all areas as that will lead to overwhelm. In my experience with SMME’s, you only need 2-3 strategies to start growing your revenues by 100% and beyond.

In consultations with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, I have found that majority of the challenges they are facing in growing their business is due to either missing business fundamentals or incorrectly applied business basics. When you lay a strong foundation based on sound, proven, and tested business fundamentals, you set your business up for long-term sustainable growth.

The fundamentals of referrals, up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, joint ventures, regular customer interactions, the conversion equation, the buyer’s journey, lead generating business cards, lead capturing landing pages, bundling, email drip campaigns, and business networking are basic strategies that will have a dramatic impact on your business without the need for a marketing or advertising budget.

I regularly consult with business owners who state their advertising campaigns are not generating enough leads and on close investigation I discover that they do not have an elevator pitch that gets their prospects attention; they are not clear on their ideal client; they do not have a compelling offer; they are not clear on their market-dominating position, and are not specific in targeting the right niche.

These are all business fundamentals that need to be in place to scale any business to the next level. Failure to have these effectively implemented will mean that no matter how much you spend on marketing or advertising, you will experience that lack of leads or the lack of quality leads.

This all results in another big challenge SMME’s have which is a lack of constant flow of leads. Lead generation itself is not complex but the challenge is that all the other pieces of the puzzle required to ensure the prospects you attract turn into leads, are not in place or applied incorrectly.

You need to stop talking about sales funnels and rather talk about relationship funnels. Building a relationship with your prospects as they enter your funnel is what will lead to sales once the trust relationship has been built and you have guided your prospect through the buyer’s journey.

There are a very small percentage of prospects who are now buyers and if all you are trying to do is sell on your first contact, you are missing out on more than 90% of prospects who will become now buyers once they have completed the buyers journey as illustrated above. Attracting prospects requires that you have a good understanding of the conversation going on in their heads regarding their pain points. Knowing that provides you with the information you need to apply the conversion equation as illustrated below.

Following this formula ensures you get their attention, offer them value by letting them know how you can resolve their pain, then offer your products or services to take the pain away.

A great resource for obtaining leads is business networking. There is no shortage of business networks where you can generate leads for free (outside the cost of attending the event).

Sadly, business owners attend these lead-generating events without a clear lead generating strategy. There are 3 steps to generating all the leads you can handle at business networking events as indicated below.

Using this 3-step process I have generated leads at every event I attend. It is even handy for anyone you meet who asks you what you do.

Valuable Resources

The Business Coaching Hub launched a revolutionary business networking platform that is accessible and affordable by more start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners than ever before. The Business Growth Network is a revolutionary approach to traditional business networking. You can find out more Here!

By using technology and the Internet, the Business Growth Network has reduced the investment as a member, to a level affordable by most business owners. Apart from the benefits of networking, there are additional benefits such as unlimited access to Business Growth How-To Guides, weekly video training on business growth strategies, opportunity to network with and market to members and more importantly, a support structure that provides coaching, mentoring by a business turnaround specialist and the members in the network.

Samples of the video training and guides can be viewed on this page where you will also find out more about the membership benefits.

Training modules

The Business Growth Network also boasts an Online Academy with video training inclusive of workbooks covering:

            Business Fundamentals                          Business Leads

            Business Networking                               Business Sales

            Business Transactions                             Business Advanced

The training material consists of high-quality tutorial videos accompanied by PDF workbooks with sections on each page to make notes. You can study from anywhere at any time by selecting the courses that suit your specific needs. You will also have access to unlimited email support from our team.

The Business Growth Network Blog regularly posts business-growth articles with tips on how to take your business to the Next Level.

The Business Growth Network is a product of the Business Coaching Hub (Pty) Ltd whose vision and mission is to impact as many start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in South Africa and Africa as possible which is why all content is easily accessible, easy to implement, proven and tested, and affordable to more SMME’s than ever before.

I trust you have found this workbook of value to you and if you have any queries or require assistance with the Gap Assessment Questionnaire, please feel free to contact me on and I am more than willing to give you my feedback and recommendations.

I wish you awesome success in 2020 and beyond!

“Your Success Is Our Focus!

Carlos Batista
Carlos Batista
Business Turnaround Specialist

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