Why Getting More Leads Is Not What Prevents You From Growing Your Business


Business owners spend a lot of time, money, and resources generating leads for their business yet, they are stuck and left wondering what it will take to get their business to the next level. Why is that?

Generating leads is not the main challenge but, how you get those leads and what you do with them is what could be preventing business owners from achieving the success they want in their business.

“What you do with your leads is more important than how many leads you generate!”

In most cases, it is the fundamental sales process that is lacking. Here is what is required to attract the right leads, nurture them, and then convert them to paying customers:

  • Elevator Pitch – This is the starting point to ensuring your marketing campaigns attract the right prospects. Does your elevator pitch hit your prospects hot points? Does your marketing sell features or benefits?
  • Market dominating Position – Are you differentiating yourself from your competition by offering more value than your competitors or are you selling on price? If you find yourself in a price war, then you are not presenting your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  • Compelling Message – Do you provide your prospects with the right message compelling them to choose you over your competitors? Creating an elevator pitch which incorporates your market dominating position ensures your compelling message hit the mark.
  • Lead Capturing Landing Page – Now that you have attracted the right prospect by putting the right message in front of them, what happens when they visit your website? Does your website tell them who you are and how good you are or… does it enforce the benefits to them for choosing to do business with you? You have 5-10 seconds to get their attention when they visit your website, make them count!
  • Email Drip Campaign – Now that you have your prospects contact’s email address that you obtained through your lead capturing landing page, how are you nurturing the relationship? A very small percentage of your website visitors are ‘now’ buyers so if you are selling to them at the first contact, you could be missing out on more than 90% of any future business. Do you have an email drip campaign of 7-10 emails that provides your prospects with value and builds the trust relationship?
  • Up-sell, Down-sell, and Cross-sell Strategies – When your prospect is ready to make a purchase, are you using that opportunity to increase the revenue you can generate from this customer? This is one of the best strategies to increase the revenue generated from each customer at the time of purchase.

Focusing purely on lead generation and not ensuring your fundamentals are not in place will result in frustration as business owners do not see the results they expect. The Business Growth Network (South Africa) shares tips, tools, resources, and business growth strategies to help you ensure your marketing efforts deliver results in the shortest possible time. The BGN is free to join at https://business-growth-network.co.za/

Carlos Batista
Carlos Batista

Business Turnaround Specialist

Founder of Business Growth Network – South Africa

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