Why I Developed An Online Academy For Small Business Owners?

Online Business Academy

If I had to sum it up in one sentence I would say that the purpose behind the Business Growth Network Online Academy is to stay true to my passion and vision of contributing in a meaningful way towards individuals and small business owners in South Africa.

That, however, requires more depth to give you the facts behind the birth of the Business Growth Network Online Academy. After building a successful career in the corporate world for 28 years, I decided it was time to give back using the knowledge, skills, and resources I have obtained.

The South African SMME’s have the potential to have a positive impact on the economy and unemployment rate and this is where my focus lies.

Thankfully the skills and knowledge I developed in marketing, sales, business and market development, personal development, business start-ups, and Social Media Management over 12 years, provide me with the ability to empower others to build and grow a successful business. My experience of living and working in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, provide me with a good understanding of the global market and business practices around the world.

My decision to become a business coach was taken on June 2016 and the Business Coaching Hub was formed which is driven by my vision statement which is, “I am at my best when I am contributing towards others being at their best!”

I have for as long as I can remember had a passion for helping others and feeling the most amazing fulfillment in seeing the positive impact I can have on others. Making the decision to transition into my own business following my passion after the corporate world was an easy one. Helping entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners are where I devote my time and it fulfills my purpose while at the same time having an impact on the economy and job creation.

The more my coaching business gained momentum and the more people I was able to coach, the more I found myself looking for opportunities to impact even more individuals and businesses. There is one question always on my mind “How can I reach more small business owners?”. This is where my knowledge and skills in the digital economy came to the rescue.

The Internet and social media platforms provided me with the perfect vehicle to reach more business owners than my one-to-one and one-to-many coaching sessions provided.

The Business Growth Network was created to provide business owners with valuable, tested, and proven business growth strategies through providing training, tools, resources, and support to its members. It now boasts more than 400 members (October 2019) 14 networks across South Africa growing in membership daily. Consultations with more than 82 members in these networks revealed the need for online training programs which allow small business owners the opportunity to hand-pick the skills they want to level up, then allow them the flexibility to complete the courses at their leisure, no matter where they are.

The best way to scale up your business is by scaling up your business training based on your individual business needs. The Business Growth Network Online Academy was established to address the growing need for cost-effective online training for small business owners.

Business owners typically experience an impact in their business within 30-90 days of implementing what is taught. Study at your own pace and implement what you have learned as you go along and watch as your business leads, revenues, and profits increase by using the strategies taught at the Business Growth Network Online Academy.

“Your Success Is Our Focus!”

Carlos Batista

Carlos Batista

Business Transformation Specialist

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